Service or distribution? Outside or in?

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Is a main water feed that enters a crawl on one side of the home and then transits the width of the crawl before connecting to the household plumbing considered service or distribution plumbing? Am I right that a crawl is considered ?inside? a building (or is it still outside as far as the UPC is concerned)?

The reason I ask is that there was PVC piping connected to the galvanized feed just downstream of the pressure regulator in the crawl. This PVC then extended across the crawl before connecting to the copper household piping. The PVC was stamped ASTM D 1785, a type approved for water service but not for interior distribution. If I?m interpreting UPC 604.1 correctly this would be wrong and the piping needs to be replaced (which is what I?m going with?for now).

I?m no fan of plastic piping?I like copper?but that?s a personal thing and I?m not sure what the actual problem would be with a cold only PVC line. Would UV resistance be an issue in a crawl? I've googled around and around and around and am getting dizzy (some may say I'm just remaining that way). Someone ejukate me.

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Just a basic viewpoint, not code related…

I would think the water service line includes all pipe before the house shut-off valve.

also, UV is not a problem in a crawl space. I think the sunlight would have to be directly on the pipe.