Service walk pitched towards home

What do you generally recommend when the front service walk is pitched towards the home? Obviously more time than not they are not going to mud jack or repair. Any thoughts

How was the drainage . how much of a slope ?Could it be a slip issues when it ices .

Improper grade.

If the drainage is done correctly around the foundation it really shouldn’t be a issue . But how often does that happen lolol.

Besides the angle, what are the issues?

Here is picture. Not major but is pitched towards the house. If the we backfill we will be higher than the service walk to do correctly. Should I recommend running drainage tile under the service walk away from the house. You can see the downpout ends right at the service walk which is also a problem

Was there any moisture issues present , under the home. yes recommend taken the down spout under the sidewalk , not a big deal . If you have moisture issues I would make sure your report improvements should be made on the outside Like drains and water proofing . The slope doesn’t look like that bid of a deal , Try taking a picture of the grading along the home next time all 4 sides

thank you, will do

Should I ask this again?

What else is the problem? Besides the damn angle?

Not much to think about … See it / Say it / Move on

Poor drainage was noted. Sections of the walk(s) slope toward the foundation and will direct water toward the building rather than allowing it to drain away as intended. Have a competent concrete contractor read the report; evaluate the conditions present; then modify or repair the conditions as needed to safely and properly correct them.

That is a water trap that will only get worse with time. Call it out and recommend repair by a qualified contractor.

Yeah, those vertical sidewalks tend to drain poorly towards the bottom… :roll:

that sidewalk photo, just how much water would really be diverted away further if the slab(s) were mudjacked?

let’s say they mudjacked the 1+ slabs so, that water would then go into the soil what, about 3’ further away?

it’ll still go into the soil, below grade, and likely go/travel in all directions, including back towards the house/basement wall.

yeah right right, it’s your job, I get it, got that a long time ago.

I’d be just as much ‘concerned’ that when concrete slabs settle near or against a wall because when it does, the concrete pushes down on the soil causing some lateral pressure, some of which is transferred/transmitted towards a wall, underground.

What happens you step on a beach ball? Duh weight, you stepping on the top it causes it to expand sideways

Something like this, slab settled near/against basement wall, and at this house there is a crack right where the slab settled, just saying

Can’t find the link right now but John Mann PE tried to inform, said "Many contractors that install patios (driveways etc) do not understand the effect of a new raised patio on the adjacent foundation wall… even what may be considered small increases in backfill can cause large increases in lateral pressure against the wall. Additional weight of anything placed ON TOP of soil backfill causes additional lateral pressure against the foundation wall’

Learning to take clearer pictures will help us help you in the future. And I’m still not understanding what the issue is. Did the sidewalk settle in the soil because of the downspout? or is the grade pitched to the house? or both?

I am a homeowner w a negative grade, soil touching siding, water issues were present(mold in crawlspace) and still inspector didn’t mention anything, besides mold we could see. This can cause foundation problems, major water,mold problems, and both of those cost lots of $$$. For all the inspectors please tell your homeowners of the potential damage. Also think of age of home and how long thatwater has been pouring towards home. I wish someone would’ve told me.