Several different appliances venting to same Chimney

Hey guys so basically in he base,ent of this multi family home there is 2 water heaters and a furnace and than up two stories and in he attic there is a second furnace venting into that same chimney. Is this ok? Furnace is the larger appliance and sense it’s in the attic it’s venting above the smaller water heaters

How big was the chimney flue? What are the BTU’s of the appliances? Was everything drafting o.k.? When they were all running?

Ooops, misread your question…

No, furnace in the attic is wrong. That looks like a wide chimney, how many flues were there?

3 flues in the basement two water heaters and one furnace and one Flue in the attic that one is a furnace. So 4 flues total venting into one chimney

Need a pic of the** TOP** of the chimney.

With the size of those gas lines and the chimney itself, it ‘looks’ like everything was properly sized/accounted for - all except attic furnace.

The number of appliances to the number of chimneys is irrelevant. The metric you’re missing is the number of flues. It definitely looks like there are multiple flues.

No one can truly answer your question. Even if you knew how many flues, we’d need to know which appliances were in which flues.

Do yourself, and your client a favor by recommending level 2 inspection.

Thus my request for a photo of the top of the chiminy. If there are 4 flue pipes exiting the top of the chiminy, then there is no issue here to even discuss.

Possibly, but not necessarily. The flues could still be sized wrong, or there could still be multiple appliances in one flue.

The work was clearly done by a hack. I wouldn’t assume anything.

^^^ Yep…^^^

My added bolded: (National Fire Protection Association)

Google it if you are not familiar with it.

Explain what you see that allows you to make such a definitive statement (Hack).

As for the flue(s)… do you always report on what **could **be sized wrong without having actual knowledge of a condition?

I am going to guess you did not look at the photos. Take a look.

I always recommend a level 2. If am I doing the level 2, part of that is making sure the flues are sized appropriately. They rarely are.

It is irrelevent what I see or don’t see.
You made a statement, and thus I asked to know what you saw in the photos for you to make such a critcal determination.

I agree…

Typical… you got nuthin’!

I try to keep my conversations with psychopaths to a minimum.

Maybe it was assumed by someone who says they don’t assume anything! :mrgreen:

Exactly. He’s the one that’s been bragging about the “speshul” ‘chimney inspection training’ he went out and got. Since he opened his piehole with such an asinine statement about a “hack” performing the work, I feel he owes those that read his post the decency of an explanation of how he came to that conclusion.