Sewage Holding Tanks

I just had an inspection cancel this morning because the purchaser was panicked by the rumor that the Health department was going to outlaw sewage holding tanks. Anyone heard about this or is this just another “rural legend” ?

George… if you’re referring to septic tanks, which I’m not sure you are, then your client did indeed hear a “rural legend”. Up here where I am, there is no sewage treatment other than septic tanks.
For a while last year, there were persistant rumors going around that the townships, in collaboration with the province, were going to install meters on all the wells 'round here. Talk about a hullabaloo. Reactions, to put it mildly, were pretty strong, mine included. Since I had just spent $7000.00 having a well drilled with no assisstance from the township, there was no way anyone was putting a meter on MY well.

Spoke with a building inspector in the City of Kawartha Lakes (Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon…) who indicated that septic holding tanks (plastic or concrete) were not going to get approval from the local Health Dept. Seems some yahoos knock the bottom corner out of them so they won’t have to be pumped out. Hence, no holding tank approvals.

  • Jim Walker

The future does look shaky on these tanks . [OEAB_NO_38_1990_NOV06_1990_Taylor_v_Halibur…pdf"][1990]OEAB_NO_38_1990_NOV06_1990_Taylor_v_Halibur..pdf]([1990)

Thanks guys!
This lady was completely freaked out by the next door neighbour who told her that the holding tank was to be removed by the department of health and she would be unable to use the facilities.

The house has been served by the holding tank for some years and it was installed after the existing septic system failed. The lot was deamed too small for the installation of a new septic tank and field so the holding tank was installed. It appears from the documentation that Roy provided (THANKS ROY!) that this system will be repaired as needed to avoid an ‘environmental’ contamination situation.

HOLY S**T! :shock:

I stand corrected and updated. Thanks for the info Roy and George

George there are other systems she might wish to look into one is an incinerating toilet another is the one that uses peat moss and another that uses foam. From what I have read they all have some advantages. Paul H might also have some good ideas . Cookie

A composting toilet is also a viable option. No muss, little fuss and starting at a mere $1500.

Good ideas for the “black water” but, as you know the majority of the water output from a house is in the “grey water” category. However I believe that because of the situation, the holding tank is ‘grandfathered’.

On a different but slightly related topic; what’s with people from Toronto? I am doing four inspections this week for people who are moving out of Toronto and into some really rural homes in eastern Ontario. One client asked if there was garbage collection at his new home located 35 miles from nowhere! ( When the hysterical laughter stopped - mine - I had to explain all about the township dump and taking your garbage to the dump in the back of your pick-up. Fortunately he has one of those gargantuan Ford pick-ups with four wheel drive that he found necessary to drive through the wilds of Etobicoke) My “sewage holding tank” lady would have been the fifth Torontonian for this week alone! :shock:

George they are leaving because of the gun crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, congestion, taxes, and taxes.

David Miller the Mayor is the one driving people out of Toronto because of his dismal leadership skills.

Oh Ray! You just don’t understand. Miller is a good Liberal . . . . .:mrgreen:

You should hear their response to the tax rate we pay out here.
No sidewalks.
No street lights.
No pavement.
No full time fire department.
No local police force.
No subsidized theater.
No rec’ department.
No public transit.
No garbage pick up.