Sump Pump Question

What is the rod on the left of the sump pump pit?


where did the lines off of it lead to?

Could this be some attempt at an earthen grounding rod? The lines go under the concrete. This sump is located in a sub basement with electric meter located outside wall pump located near. Panel in basement in adjacent area

Could be a water alarm. I have a one in my sump put, what emits a signal when water reaches the top, indicating that either the pump failed or cannot keep up with water entering the pit.

I also see no float valve. This device sould signal something to shut power to the pump; like a pressure switch of some type. Conductors are too small to be any type of meaningful ground rod, IMO

Thanks so much Joe. I have been really worrying about this one. If this is a water alarm, then generally where would the actual alarm be located? Is this an enclosed float? How would you inspect this?

Generally, this style of pump has a manual float and waterproof switch mounted on the side of the pump itself. When they break, sometimes the owner installs a simple mercury-style float switch.

Do you have a disclaimer of any type saying that you dont inspect pumps? If not, you should mention it. Sumps are funny, in that they work one day, and dont the next.

I’d ask you to examine where the two wires go to off this mystery rod. Give me some more photos and info. Is this thing mounted or just hanging? Also, look for what triggers and shuts off the pump.


I see the float switch. It is the black round thingy in the photo at around the 2-O’Clock position.

Upon closer examination of the mystery item… Is this thing metallic!!!

It almost looks like two strings with one of those tightener/adjuster slide devices… like a string handle to a pump pit cover.

See what it attaches to…

The black item at the top right in photo is about a 3" pipe that appears to terminate outside above ground with a perforated cap over it. What I see at 2 o’clock is actually a wad of dirty spider web that looks different due to the camera flash.
THE MYSTERY ITEM is a metallic rod below that is dangling into the pit. The upper portion resembles elec. conductor in that it is rubber sheathed. I thought it was some type of sensor since there was not a float I could observe.

I would love to get more pictures. Do you think the homeowner will let me back in after I reported her main panel inaccessible due to the built in shelves in front of it???LOL