shadow/staining - wall studs showing thru drywall

Walls had this shadow/staining outline of the vertical studs and header, only on the interior surfaces of the exterior walls. On some walls more obvious, on others less obvious. Wall surface was drywall with a thin texture (poorly applied). Studs were metal. See the attached photo. Anyone run across this before?


If the occupants were either heavy smokers, or used candles frequently, shadowing like that can happen. My guess is also that the metal studs transmit cold more effectively than wood studs, so at each stud, in cool weather, there would be a thin film of condensation, which would attract and hold airbound particles, creating what we see in the photograph, more so than would wood studs.

The remedy would have been to incorporate a layer of rigid insulation across the stud flanges directly behind the drywall.

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