Stepped over the return ducting in an attic, just about found myself on the 1st floor really quick, yowee…

That’s what I need in my house is a concrete silo

looking for a stupid A s s shiner?

Did somebody moon him?:mrgreen:

I was looking for a shiner the other day on brand new re roof with a permit.
If they renailed the deck with 8’s they were super good cause no nails anywhere. They got marked for 6’s. Put the burden of proof back on the homeowner and the roofer to prove it.

I get quite a few of those on re-roofs after 2007. I don’t care how good the nail installer is, he will miss somewhere and they don’t pull the shiners. Roofers do lie on that affidavit.

So! What do you put on the form if you don’t find any shiners?

Most times I can see the nail through spaces between places in the 2X4’s When I am pretty certain I use the technique discussed here many times measuring down with the mighty MT-6. Some agree some don’t.

For the record I “think” it has worked every time I have done it as I have not heard otherwise. I do let clients know they can lose the credit in the blink of an eye depending on who does a reinspection or who the underwriter is.

So you can state 8"s without a pic of a shiner?

There is a pict but not of a traditional shiner. I do not know where an example is but I know I have posted it before.

I seriously exhaust all means to prove there are 8’s but if I can’t prove it I mark 6’s

One of the worst roofs for that also would be a an old fashioned straight gable. On hip roofs you can at least look in the cross sections under the slopes.

Brad, I referred a lady to you the other day in Tampa, I figured if you could not help you may know somebody who can. She has some issues with her roof and most likely needs contractor help. She’s a talker.

Thanks…haven’t heard from her yet.

Correct :slight_smile:

No Mikey, Many more reasons to go into an attic other than shiners. :|.)

I will use the mt 6 to find “metal”, then, I have a chisel and hammer to find the “properly installed nail as opposed to the blatant code violation that the insurance company requires to prove renailing”,take a picture of that, along with the roof affidavit.

Haven’t had one refused yet.

Did have to threaten one with operating out of the scope of his licence, which he didn’t have, to enforce the building code! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Another short conversation and client who got the proper credit…

A few… :slight_smile: Not to many for me :slight_smile: I leave that for the small stature guys. 6’ 210 I do not go far often without a designated walkway :slight_smile:

That’s attitude keeping you out of attics not size. I’m 6’2", 250, very rare occasion I’m shut out.

Attitude has nothing to do with it. If I can’t walk it I ain’t doing it for very far. Hunched over ok belly crawling never more than a few feet.