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4 apartment buildings
Assume all buildings are 1960 - 1975
Brick exteriors
3 pitched roofs
1 flat roof
1 has boiler system, rest have HVAC
All apartments have own laundry, furnace, AC, Water Heater

Building 1 - 8 apartments Total Sqft 9534
Building 2 - 8 Apartments Total sqft 7157
Building 3 - 7 Apartments Total saft 5848
Building 4 - 4 Apartments Total sqft 2660

Client wants a full inspection of each building and apartments.

Inspection needs to be done in 2 days.

Just looking to see how far off I am on this one.

I’ll play.



How many storeys?
How many attic accesses?
Are they slabs, crawls or basements?
Will access be provided in the order that makes 2 days work?

I priced it three different ways and got:

$2550 - $350 each building + $50 for each addition unit in each building
5038 - Square feet x .20 a square foot
$9450 - $350 for each unit

Whoever gets it will probably be in the $3000-$4000 range.

Good questions

building 1 and 2 are 3 story
building 3 and 4 are 2 story
Attics in 3 as one is a flat roof
Basements in all

All access provided.

Apartments occupied or empty?

Currently both they said currently 82% occupied

I would bid $5200


Today I did a 6 unit. 8k sq ft. two story. 53 years old. one boiler, 3 hot water heat, one attic, crawl.

Client wanted all fully inspected. 5 units occupied.

Fee: $1450

just spoke to the potential client,

they have decided to not have the properties inspected.
I asked if this was a financial decision and they confirmed it seemed too expensive to have the inspection completed.

They also confirmed that I was already the lowest bid submitted at $3997

thanks for your input. I did not think i was too far off the mark on this one.

That seems short sighted for a professional property investor. Without having a professional assessment of the buildings, their investment could be far more expensive than they may have anticipated.

My thoughts exactly.


I recently quoted $5,200 to do a commercial property in the City of London. I was turned down in favour of a franchise operator who did the job for $1,800.!!

The bank originally quoted a mortgage for 80% of the appraised value, but reduced thier commitment to 50% unless the investor chose an inspector who knew what they were actually doing. The deal fell through and the agent tells me that she pushed for me, but the investor was not willing to shell out the extra bucks.


I don’t do apts … don’t like them. Both inspectors in my area that do a bunch of these would be between $2900 & $3,300

I’ve seen their fee’s before … $350 p/bldg and then $55 to $65 p/unit

Both indicate on average they allocate about 30 minutes p/unit and about 45-60 minutes p/bldg itself (roof, foundation, siding, common areas).

SO 4 bldgs @ 1 hr each = 3-4 hrs. And about 27 apt units @ 30 min each +/- = 13 hrs

2 days plus report next day.