Shared Templates?

I’m really enjoying the HomeGauge software and was wondering if there was a place where people share their HomeGauge templates? I saw that some of the other software companies have sections like that, but was unsure about HomeGauge.

I’m particularly interested in creative ways to give more information to the client (like including a link to Nachi’s life expectancy chart in the section headers). It seems like it would save a lot of time while giving the client realistic expectations about their home purchase. HomeGauge seems extremely capable and flexible in its ability to make these modifications.

If anyone has some examples of polished templates or reports, I would definitely appreciate it.


You might have to search, people have posted threads to sample reports. Ours is on our website. No share site that I am aware of for templates.

Regardless of the software used, I have never understood why someone would spend 50-60 or even hundreds of hours writing narratives and building a professional template for their business, and then just give it away.

Helping with occasional language is one thing, but giving away your time and work product for nothing is just insane. JMHO.

I agree. Not a “one size fits all” item anyway.

Very true. And based on the many sample reports that inspectors have on the web, it is truly amazing they are still in business. :roll:

Helping others always pays you back in one form or another. It is not always about making a dollar. A question I like to ask…why reinvent the wheel?

Using the wheel someone else invented, is not the same as inventing the wheel

Charles, you can include additional information like the age chart two ways. 1. through a hyper link in the narrative linking them to the document on the InterNachi website. and 2. you can include attachments with the report. If you have a standard narrative for appliance age you can click on the document icon and it will automatically add that document to the attachment page. I actually just adds the title but the document is there when you click on the title.

Thanks everyone for the information. I especially like the idea of automatic attachments from Ken. Combined with a warning to be careful about not printing everything unless needed, it could provide for a great way to convey a lot of additional information (including the Standards of Practice and such inspectors in my state are required to give each client).

Thanks again!


True but you can take their design and improve upon it. :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

…because most people are nice and enjoy sharing with others.

And that’s what sample reports are for. Anyone is free to “sample” mine.

Says the scam artist and liar who takes member’s money and doesn’t honor the NACHI discount. Ban the thief.

You don’t know me man… I’m not going anywhere…

Yeap. Even after given tons of free advice from a disgruntled client (multi-inspector firm) on how to improve his software he still wouldn’t honor the Nachi discount.

What are we talking about here again? Templates? Doesn’t look like it… FYI, just signed up another multi-inspector firm in Philly yesterday… I have happy clients… I always honor the InterNACHI discount. Simply ask Nikolai…

Another thread derailed

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Same thing/inspector from Texas Steve is.

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This is a HomeGauge section. We are discussing template sharing in HomeGauge. You are a software competitor and vendor. You do not belong here other than to bounce in if you were referenced and then as a gentleman bounce back out. Otherwise you dilute the social experience of HomeGauge users and other InterNACHI members that are not vendors.