Shark bite fittings??

Are Shark bite fittings recommended in concealed locations? I found them in an attic with unsecured PVC pipe.

They’re called “push-fit” fittings, Shark Bite is a brand by Cash Acme, and most are now approved for such installations.
Locate the brand, and look up the product listing and approvals for your specific area, as it may vary.


After a bad experience with one (blew off the wall when I was demonstrating water hammer to my plumber at a home I was helping sell back in my Realtor days), I still can’t bring myself to not say something on my report when I find them.

Like what?

“Although these types of fittings are allowed by most jurisdictions for this type of plumbing, they are not as dependable as permanently glued or soldered joints.”

When I do call them out, I make it clear to my clients that I have a “once-bitten-twice-shy” attitude towards them. I still remember holding my damn thumb over that pipe like Hans Brinker while the plumber (thank God he was there), went and found the shut-off.

Who says? An improperly soldered or solvent-welded joint can “fail” too, just like an improperly installed mechanical one.

If you install them right, they won’t fail. If you don’t, you experience issues like you did. I’ve installed hundreds of push fit fittings, mostly plastic ones to boot, and never had any issues.