Shark Bites

Wanted to hear some of your opinions on how well Shark Bite plumbing fittings hold up over time from the plumbing gurus.

I’ve had some in use for 4 or 5 years with no issues.

I have used them for years with no issues.

I be worried about the direction of the relief valve, what size is the pipe?

ditto. They are pricey, but I’ve saved many loaves of bread with them.

Any “old time” sweat and copper plumber knows what I mean :wink:

AH the old bread trick lol

Oh yes its got to be Wonder Bread!:cool:

They’re a real good item to keep handy in the truck at all times… Just in case!
I like to keep a small assortment, a couple stops, repair couplings, different sizes.

And not forget to clean out your aerators when it’s done.:wink:

That’s right, and don’t use heals! :wink:

Haven’t seen a problem with them yet. But I’m old school , I prefer soldering and I am starting to like PEX…I consider shark bites for quick repairs

Great string nice to see the good ones with nice education.

Thanks to all… Roy

I had used pex and shark bites and my water lines froze up this winter and it blows up at the shark bite, it blew the fitting off but left the plastic crimp on the pex line

I have seen this at 4 different shark bite fittings, we had replaced copper lines with pex and shark bites at a abandoned outlet mall and they froze this winter, all 4 fittings were in different units

Could be one reason why sharkbites are not allowed to join differing materials. BOTH inlet and outlet must be the SAME material. Check with your local AHJ as there are always exceptions.

They are a bit pricy for general use. For some repairs, definately a good choice. I have had some installed for 10+yrs in my property without a problem. They have an o ring inside which I bet eventually will dry out and fail. I suspect wont be for a long time. My plumber doesn’t use most of time because it’s too quick and customers like to hear and smell the torch. If you can just push together, why do you need him?