Shark Bites!!

Have any of you plumbing experts seen a bunch of these?

I saw a plumber actually install one of these on an existing copper pipe that had little (less than an inch) clearance to the newly installed duct next to it. (They were running PEX to supply the sink which had been moved during a bathroom remodel.) He stuck it on firmly then spun it to line it up and jammed in the pex to the new service drop. DONE!

Says the things support tons of water pressure (well above standard household pressures) and he hasn’t had one leak yet… I forgot to ask how expensive they are, so I looked 'em up :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cool huh?

A 3/4 elbow is $7.15 according to the website…

I pay .22 cents for a regular 3/4 copper elbow…

Might be great for that homeowner and his one job…the money saved on buying a torch, gas, emory, flux, flux brushes, solder…will be spent on the fittings…could be a wash in that case.

A lot of the plumbers around here are using them for tight clearences in new remodels no need for a open flame to try and burn down the new work.

SharkBite Fittings(by Cash Acme)

Wile E. Cyote seemed to have a lot of bad luck with things bought from Acme :smiley:

They’ve been available for at least 7 years in the exterior irrigation industry. I used them on some tough irrigation systems in 1999 where I had no clearance because of tree roots and large granite boulders. Very, very useful. Helped me do the work easily and quickly rather than bringing in a trencher to dig two acres of new trenches.

I’m a little plumbing 'tarded, I guess!

I’d seen them installed and believed they were an acceptable transition joint for dissimilar materials, but I had never seen one *installed *by a guy on site. It really was easy and I know if (when) I need to do a little HO repair of my own home, I’ll be shelling out for 'em…:slight_smile:

I’m okay now, I was just a little too excited when I saw it being installed and had to run home home to research them…:wink: