Shark bite tubing for WH supply?

Since the new Shark Bite PEX pipe appears to meet NSF 61 for distribution lines (100psi @180F) can it be used as the supply on an electric WH without having to have 18" of copper at the entry and exit pipe? I would think so.
But, if not can any one find me the code for using metal w/I 18 "?. I have spent the last hour looking and can’t find it.
I know, not codies, but having to fight a realtor that flips houses and everything I call out she wants a code for. It has become personal with us. I cost her a sale before and backed up everything with code ref and she had to stop arguing.

Personally, I wouldn’t deal with her BS. Next time, tell her “Let’s call the AHJ and have him meet us at the home to verify”. Bet that stops the BS!

That would work, but I need a code to verify with him. He is not the brightest and has to have his hand held. We (the realtor and I) had an argument about 2 piece jack posts and the AHJ sided with her until I pointed out the code section and made him read it with me. He then had to call her and let her know I was right and she was wrong (and that really pissed her off). I may have to do it again, so I need a code ref.


I found this plumbing documentthat might help.

I will also email you a plumbing contact that has been at our chapter meeting before. He is very helpful and knows his stuff. I have contacted him with questions several times.

Thanks David, sent you a private email.

For those of you that did not have an answer but were curious, based upon the info I got from David, the Plumbing Code of 2000 604.11.2 says PEX can not be used within 18 in. of the water heater. There was a change in the code recently (trying to find the exact date) that modifies that code to restrict PEX from 36 in from the heater. If I can find the date I will post it.

Hope it helps.

Your OP stated Electric WH. Is that true for both Electric and Gas fueled, as electric does not have a flue giving off exhaust heat? I suspect it is for Gas fueled only.

The code makes no ref. to whether it is gas or elec. It just states water heater, so I assume it is for both. BTW, this change to 36 in. is for CO Plumbing Code. I know the CA Plumbing Code as of 2010 still says 18 in. Checking with a guru now to verify. Will get back when I know more.

I understand. That is where local Muni and AHJ come in for variances.