Sheetrock confusion

This is the first sheetrock wall covering home I have come to. Can someone please look at these pictures and let me know if this is a problem and how to report it? Thank you for your time.


I would guess you don’t need to mention it unless you detect moisture behind some of the repairs. It just looks like crappy craftsmanship and is only cosmetic only. First picture looks like they may have had popcorn ceiling and removed it and that’s why you see the seam.

Just bad finishing on the drywall…cosmetic.

Are you saying you’ve never seen a home with drywall or gypsum wallboard? (“Sheetrock” is a brand name, BTW)


You can use sandpapet to brush it


Oh boy!

What do you see?

Old style wood lath and Plaster?

Seems crazy you would never have came across Drywall?

Are you a visitor from the PAST ???:smiley:

I think you took my comment wrong. Someone inspecting homes that never has seen drywall? Really!
I didn’t question the drywall

I did not say it You and Dom did.

I was certain you had misspoken or mistyped and was just busting your chops :slight_smile:

I hope to hell you don’t charge people money for your inspections! I would suggest, if you do, you are not an inspector, you are a fraud!

Get real!

No problem

Thank you all for your post. Yes, I am brand new to inspections and yes, I did know that was drywall. Also, this was a mock inspection and I didn’t want to tell my friend he did a crappy job doing the finish work. I thought maybe there may be a problem because of the raised issues in the finish work. For the last many a years I have been doing fire inspections overseas in areas where they have never heard of drywall. However, you guys are great and thank you for commenting even if it is just for a laugh :).