Shims at short wall

While in a crawlspace, I observed pressure-treated shims used under a short or “knee” wall which was lapped on top the center run concrete footing. Is this an acceptable arrangement?


Unconventional/improper load bearing knee wall construction observed in the crawlspace. While no issues (other than construction method) were noted at time of inspection, anticipate repairs in the future.


Good narrative, Stephen.

I much appreciate the feedback! :+1:

How old is this house

Built in 2013. One thing worth mentioning the photos do not show is the sill plate comes down to and rests upon the concrete foundation wall towards the back of the home. And, the same is true where the concrete foundation wall steps down towards the front of the home… The shims are only present for a shorter run of the entire wall assembly.

It looks like the shims are all in line with the bearing studs, so the load is transferred through the solid shims. Although not conventional, it does serve it’s purpose. If the shims are not in line with the load transfer, you have a problem.
Metal shims would have been a better choice. I would suggest adding the metal but I probably wouldn’t suggest a whole redo…it doesn’t matter that the sections of 2x4 between bearing sections aren’t touching concrete.

From my computer it looks like the studs are not lined up with the shims.

Even as a non standard construction practice, shims should be secured so that the angled parts do not slide apart. But I would not be commenting as a contractor, but as a home inspector, so I like what Stephen wrote - anticipate repairs in the future. Meanwhile I would take a close look at the area above that end stud that is floating on the sill plate end. Adjacent bracing?

Yes I agree, John Paul, with much weight above the floating stud, it is primed to snap right off.

For whatever it is worth to whomever may be interested in this chain of messages, the client tells me upon his agent taking the pictures to the local building code office they were told ‘they would approve this construction all day long.’ For the record, as an inspector, I’d still call it out similar to S. Payson’s suggestion in the future. Thanks, again, to all who have been involved with this interest.

Smart man, David.

Regardless of what everyone thinks…
It’s screwed up.
I wouldn’t want that under my home…Nope!
It’s an abortion .
Starting off right here…Yep!

What is left over to discuss?..
Nothing ! Nope!
Gab on!

Incredible! It would have been so easy to do it correctly.

Incredible that the local code officials would approve it “all day long”:flushed:…must work by the hour. :roll_eyes:

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