Shimmed precast footings used for load bearing support

Curious how you guys/gals would address these shimmed load bearing footings in a crawlspace with enough ground moisture to demand sump pumps? Looks like the posts and beam they are supporting were an addition to the preexisting floor structure. Likely added at the time of a more recent remodel which added weight in the livable space above.

Not long ago I ran into similar precast footings added to a crawlspace in which the soil clearly became saturated and the footings sank. In turn the structure supporting posts were displaced and signs of settling could be seen throughout the living areas.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on how to write this one up!

Well, how would you write it up?

Not good! It will push those shims right down into the earth, if that is what is under there.

Refer it out to a qualified foundation contractor. IMHO

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While that is certainly a problem, there are other more important issues there.

I was hoping the OP would attempt to delineate the write up process for this issue.

I can see rigging something like that as a temporary support while shoring everything up, but definitely not as a permanent support

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Sorry Dom,

I’m asking for assistance, not playing into your control efforts here.

Maybe someone else will want to play with you.

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Agreed! Thank you for your input!

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Whatever; you asked for help but didn’t explain what conclusions (if any) you had already drawn. Too many post questions here and want everyone else to write a narrative, was looking to see what specific issues you had.

Please tell me that’s from someplace in China or the third world.

Mea culpa…

The first part is trying to help you THINK for yourself.
It will make you a better inspector.
THINK about it… … … :cowboy_hat_face:

It needs proper piers. Not those deck blocks.
That complete assembly is FUBAR.

Not acceptable as shown, just refer to a foundation contractor. The cost to have me or another structural engineer inspect the supports and determine the soil bearing capacity and proper footing would pay for all new concrete footings with money left over.

I’d write it up as eventually doomed to failure due to inadequate structural support and recommend an SE, but maybe not in those exact words.
Killer photo quality David, with what did your shoot those photos?

What are they actually trying to do here.
Deflection purposes.

Makes you wonder how some of these construction companies survive.

A lot of the substandard work we see in a home is done by inexperienced homeowners. It looks easy on TV. :thinking:

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I could write up a narrative for this…and this would be one of those times I have to make sure and proof read it a couple of times… to make sure I have not used the words “Half Assed” before uploading the report.

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