Brevard Co Inspectors

Second time I have looked on the Brevard website for re-roof permits and nothing. Can’t find them. Even called the code dept. No record.
For a test I entered my property address on my permitted reroof from 2012… No record!?!
I do have all docs though and called and code found it under the doc #.
Is this an issue to you guys and gals as well?
Do the insurance co.s know of this?

Thanks all
PS both roofs appear to have been done around the Hurricanes of 2004

Did you check the city? I’m in Volusia County, and most permits I look up through whatever city the house is in.

Yes brevard county seems to have issues. There are actually 3 lists. One small excel list can be sent to you from 2004 I believe.
and yes the website is not accurate.

Mr. McFarran,
Thanks for your reply. Both properties are well outside the city limits.
Thanks Sean. I will call Brevard tomorrow and have them review that spread sheet… And have them send one to me.

I have found it is hit or miss with Brevard, and the cities are hit or miss. Cocoa Beach website is easy. I call for Cocoa and others.
John probably has more info on the best links.

Thanks Michael