Shingle Identification please

Can anyone identify the shingle or manufacturer on this?



Don’t know the type but the first pic looks like it’s missing the starter course.

3-tab fiberglass? Agree, starter course appears missing.

Agree don’t know manufacturer but installer needs training. That look like water penetration waiting to happen. Hope you noted it on your report.

It appears that it is a GAF ELK Slateline shingle.

Look at this link to the GAF website. I think this is your shingle.

Thanks guys…I agree with GAF-Slateline. I found it shortly after I posted and pirated their diagrams for proper installation. And yes, I did note missing starter course, I just wanted to reference manufacturer’s install. Their pictures are always better than mine. Thanks for the help!

Just a helpful tip for anyone that doesn’t know how to “copy” an image from a PDF file. You can copy your whole screen by holding down “CTRL+PRTSC” then paste into your image program, then crop it and save it.