Would anyone be able to assist me in determining the type of shingle this is? Other than being an organic shingle, would anyone be able to tell me the brand, style, year used, or if it was a recalled shingle?

LOL Does it matter?

The time to replace type.

That ! Oh Yes! Should be the defects of the month.
What a find.
My only question is…Did it leak? Huh?

I’m guessing a Certainteed Hallmark Shangle:

But, like the others said, it is beyond need for replacement.

Those are so bad I doubt that company was in business for long. I’d be surprised if anyone can identify them.

It’s the elusive zebra stripe shingle from the Serengeti!

if you really want I would look at the tar paper and see if the plastic label is still there and see if it has a brand name, get a leaf blower for easy removal!

I am not that old. :mrgreen::wink:

That’s one roof I wouldn’t walk on. The photo is a keeper. The roof is not.

Wow! Don’t walk it. :wink:
Would be good skiing though!


Yeah, wow, that roof is FUBAR!

Just curious… what your connection to: