Shingles and hail

Had this inspection Wed that the seller stated he was worried about his shingles as he had been through a hail storm with hail the size of golf balls and he had not been on the roof to see the damage he was waiting at the bottom of the ladder when I came off the roof???

Just goes to show how some shingles handle hail I could not see a ding anywhere

Last spring, my 6 year old home had heavy hail damage (Tamko 50), and I got a new roof. My neighbors had no damage at all. I have been involved with several roof issues with sellers, companies and adjusters due to that hail storm of April 2011. Home owners do not realize that hail damage on a roof next door does not mean you have damage also. Only your insurace adjuster knows for sure, and home inspectors are usually the back-up.

I do roof inspections for both the public and private sector including insurance companies…the majority of time there is little to no damage that would warrant roof replacement…especially when storm chasers are calling it out.

There are many variables involved as to why one home has damage and the other doesn’t…being slope of roof, wind direction / conditions, quality of shingles, etc.


well, you can have a house with cheap 20 year shingles installed over wood shingles, right next to a home with 50-year, 5-layer laminated shingles on a solid roof deck. Resistance to impact will be very different. Then there’s every condition in between, including shingle quality, installation quality, quality of maintenance, age of shingle, etc.

This is a natural mis-happening and it can be happen with anybody.
You should not panic and try to solve this problem.
You can contact with your roofing company and discuss about your loss or you can contact with insurance company and claim for your loss.