Just wondering what others wear during inspections. Do you wear a business t-shirt or a business polo? and do you wear shorts or pants? just curious what others do.

I personally wear a company T-shirt (silk-screened) short sleeve in the warmer months and long sleeve in the cooler months with full length jeans all year round.

I get all my business shirts through Queensboro. Being in Minnesota… I wear different styles for the differing seasons. They are all great quality, and I have zero complaints. Been using them for about 7 years.

Use the following link… and you’ll get a great intro deal, and I get a little sumptin’-sumptin’ also! (Link is good for every 1st time customer).

Columbia fishing shirt with business monogramming front and back with cargo pants…

Cargo pants and a polo without company logo

Those sweat wicking golf shirts and shorts. It gets hot here in the summer and golf type shorts. Always the same colors…red shirts, black shorts black.

With Russ here, those golf style wicking shirts in summer and button up long sleeve in winter often with pull over sweaters. Mine are black, match my hats and truck, with logo stitched on pocket area.
Cache pants year round, my legs are just to purdy to expose… Lol

Moisture wicking embroidered polo with light weight tactical khaki pants or shorts.

see some of us here:

Now days under amour t’s and keep another in the truck. I soak them thru on almost every attic. I may look a little less professional than I used to with the polo types but when the clients see me exit the attic I am sure they understand my attire. I now wear full length Flex tact pants because I cannot move as well as before with side zip boots and I need more protection in the attics then I used to.

100% cotton polo with pocket and company logo year around. Twill pants, full elastic waistband with belt loops and belt.

I am lucky since my sister-in-law has a commercial embroidery business. I get the shirts at a very reasonable price and the 100% cotton is the only way to go when inspecting any electrical.

Some may laugh at the full elastic waistband pants but when the crawlspace gear goes on, the belt comes off. Much more flexibility. Until you catch a belt on a low hanging nail and get stuck under a beam, you can’t really understand. :oops::oops:

Engraved polo with shorts, under armour type shirt underneath during the hot months

Dang… I never seen an engraved shirt before :slight_smile: Must be expensive…Gold sheet?

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Lol, sorry, embroidered, been a long week.

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Maybe just engrave the old forehead and no one will pay attention to the attire …

Polo shirt with silk screen logo on left chest and cargo pants. Will wear cargo shorts when it gets hot but not very often. In the winter I wear a logo windbreaker over the polo. I do also have logo t-shirts (front chest and full back) that I occasionally wear.

Moisture wicking golf polo and shorts

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Why does Dennis wear Prestons clothes…that’s kinda weird