Inspector polo shirts

Still waiting for the dry wick T-shirts :slight_smile:

Nick the logo on that shirt needs to be smaller. Appears way to large in the photo to me.

Needs 100% FR cotton. Polyester is a burn hazard around fire and electrical arcs.

Add your own Name and Logo for much less…

I have one and these are really nice shirts.

Thanks Nick

I hate navy blue reminds me of my McDonalds and Po’Folks days and other fast food jobs :slight_smile:

We in Florida need really light weight underarmour tee type material.

I used to wear nice embroidered stiff good looking polo shirts but after the last non winter and a hot as hell summer I said screw it and went to straight underarmour tees. If I have to crawl around in 120+ degrees looking for f-cking nails to photograph I am not going to worry about my look.

When I come down from one of those hell holes most decent folks understand why I wear what I wear and offer me a cold drink. I sure hope I can get my wind mit days behind me before Summer arrives :slight_smile:

Maybe i’ll do them for extra cash during the coolest time of the year if I am succesfull in landing something better. One can only hope :slight_smile:

I actually just ordered another, but wear others for work

That’s the way to go. Your Own Logo at a much better price.

On the job, you want to promote certification. The inspection business is weird in that your client never meets you until AFTER he/she has hired you. So you should be in “you made the right choice” mode during an inspection. These shirts do that to some extent, better than your own would. Furthermore, there is no purpose in branding yourself on site to someone who has already hired you as they likely won’t be buying a home again for a decade. Your report should though, in case it is referenced for a referral. You’re not really selling you… on site (the job is already sold), you’re confirming their choice of inspector. A subtle difference.

Everywhere else, you want to promote your own logo and brand as you are trying to get potential clients to hire you in particular. Don’t promote the industry at large. Promote your particular company and logo.

There are generally different people at the site (on the job) than the One person that hired me, sometimes several people that I have never met before.

Correct. And don’t waste your marketing dollars giving out branded items to your client (who’s money you already have)… unless it will be kept for reference or unless agents are present. Then, in that case, pull out all the stops. Agents can get you another inspection tomorrow… you’re client likely can’t. On the job site, your existing client, is probably the last person on earth you need to market to (just like a person who bought a new car this morning is the last person a car salesman need call on). What you want to do with your client on the job site, is to instill confidence (so they leave you alone long enough to pop out the inspection)… that’s it.

And toward that end, this InterNACHI shirt (which is an ultra-visible display of third-party certification) probably does that better than your own company’s logo’d shirt. And your own company’s logo’d shirt probably does that better than a plain shirt. And a plain shirt probably does that better than no shirt. LOL

Makes sense Nick. Have you looked into maybe printing the logo onto a drywick polo and maybe offering that version? As stated already in the lower States that’s the best way to go.