Shocking light switches

I inspected a one year old home today and the client stated that they have had a few light switches that they have gotten minor shocks from. These are the bigger flat type of toggle switches. Has anyone else had this type of issue, if so what was the result.


Static Electricity Probably…New House…Carpet…and so on. Generally they should not get a shock from a plastic toggle switch. While it is possible they could from the screws…highly unlikely in a new house.

Advice…tell them to pick up their feet when they walk and stop draggin em…:wink:

Hard to believe static because the boxes are plastic so the screw would go into plastic and not be grounded.

Doesn’t the cover screw go into the yoke of the switch which is grounded?

The visible (switchplate) screws go into the metal device strap so would be gounded, assuming the switch has a ground connection as is should. So, I suppose it could be static electricity.

Listen to the Guru,… it IS static. I just finished a new construction today and shocked myself on every light switch I turned on in carpeted rooms. Its your finger touching the screw that holds the face plate on. :smiley:

Tell you the truth, I do not remember the last time I did NOT get a static shock from a switch after traveling across carpeting…happens to me at every inspection…must be a “Shoe Issue”----:shock:----maybe I will buy a different style of Reeboks, but I am so used to the static shocks, I almost like it—:lol:

You wear shoes during your interior inspection?

Funny how you don’t come up when a search is done for Maui inspectors.

From your site:

How 'bout this? I detected a dimmer switch (in the off position) a couple of weeks ago that was warm to the touch. Temp was near 100F. I wrote it up. Anyone think this is normal? It was one of those new toggle switches with a small slide mechanism on the side of it. Three total in the house. 2 were warm, 1 was not.

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#1 search on google for maui home inspectors, ashi #211814.

Mr. Larson,
Mr. Thorman shows up if you look for him by name on the ASHI site.

Thanks for the feedback on the switches, I still referred an electrician to check it because there were a few hot neutral reverses also, so the electrician is going there anyways. There were only two switches that this was happening so let him check it to be sure.

Exactly what I was thinking.


Yes I agree it does now.

He wrote me today to explain why it didn’t before.