Static shocks in home/What causes?

What would cause outlets and switches to have a static shock when tested or flipped, occurs on second floor only. All switches and outlets work and test out. It’s not a strong shock, just like static.

Dry air, low humidity.

I would add carpet. :slight_smile:

I will tell you what, the new supermarket (publix) they just built had a TERRIBLE problem with that, I could not go in without getting shocked every time I touched a metal cabinet. I could also shock everyone I touched. Pretty annoying.
I never found it in a residential home thought ( to any great extent)

I know that these are some of the causes, is there any time when it could be caused by stray electrical current? Or would a bigger jolt be felt?

I know exactly what you mean, the local COSTCO (which I love), gives me quite a shock every time I open the cold section doors. Sometimes it’s a good jolt!

I agree with Linus. The cold air can’t hold moisture and thus gets “dry”. It happens here this time of year since the temp drops. We get lots of static so I run a humidifier and it reduces the static. The shock comes from the electricity from your body jumping to the screw that holds the faceplate on. At one time I was nylon screws sold to prevent that from happening.

Type of foot wear, type of carpet, Low humidity are all causes . there is a antic static spray you can help reduce it. grounding yourself before entering the area can reduce it.
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You can actually buy shoe covers with a conductive strip on the bottom.

They are used in surgical suites with conductive floors where flammable anesthetics are used.

Not as common as they used to be.

I used to have to test this type of floor monthly.