Light Switch Shock

In my own house, the light switches give me a small static shock, which I thought was no big deal. However, when my computer is plugged in, I will get a small shock. I wasn’t concerned about the static shock from the light switches, because it seemed like it was related to dry winter air. But the shock from my computer is really alarming. My 3 plong outlet tester shows no problems. Any suggestions?

Buy a humidifier. :wink:

Use a different shampoo. Im gonna get alot of flack for this but im not kidding.

If you do I will back you up.

Wear cotton clothing.

Wear a rubber suit.

You opened the door, I could not help it. does shampoo stop this?

Probly not but a good shampoo and conditioner will help out. I know from experience. That good ole cheap Pert Works great.

What kind of heat do you have in your house? I’d suspect the humidity is too low… If you have forced air, check into one of these

Get a faraday cage …stay in it:)