Shocking truth about grounding!!

Please read this article: Shocking truth about grounding!!](


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***PICs of electrical defects ***[size=2]on the board, they are typical and show many hazards.[/size]
[size=2]One question: Have you, or do you know of any home inspector who cites the NEC when calling out these types of defects on a report?


Cool I just found a way to steal electicity from my neighbor.
Open his neutral and send it through the plumbing.
Thanks Joe.

No, I rarely cite the NEC due to the problem of referring to code by number. The local AHJ gets very upset and downright nasty if anyone in the HI business refers to code. I usually like to use the NFPA-73 as it more closely resembles what we as HI see every day. I also like to use reference the ITA book by the same name. I know you had some input into the manual as I have seen your name on the acknowledgment page. For whatever reason they do not seem to get their panties in a wad if one refers to the 73.

BTW, I sent you a slew of electrical discrepancies (photos) some time ago, did you get them?

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The more we know about NEC the better though.

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Here’s a draft of 73 and Yes I did receive the pictures thanks!

I have a friend that was paralyzed from removing a grounded conductor while working at a local power plant!

I have found locked scroll refrigeration compressors at the same power plant due to the power source being “out of phase” (a scroll compressor will not run backwards).

Point is, you can find this stuff anywhere!
Be careful!