Shop lights above a drop ceiling....?

OK, this defies common senses, based on number of ballast fires I’ve had to respond too. However, I would like something better than “I said so.” I found shop lights, the kind you either hang from chains or mount directly to ceiling surfaces, mounted above a drop ceiling. So they are open to smoke, flame, or break florescent light bulbs in the cavity.

Any references how this is not safe?



Unless the area above the drop ceiling is being used as return air then nothing I know of can stop the installation.

If they are not actually hanging by chain (or otherwise spaced off the ceiling) it is a 110.3(B) The ballast depends on air flow over the metal can for cooling.

I see that type of setup in commercial office strip malls. It’s usually 8 foot 2 lamp fixtures hung from chains or seismic wires over suspended ceilings with diffusers under the fixtures. I don’t really see a safety issue, but they are a pain to work on.

nice light panels.
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