Short sale Chewy Inc NYSE: CHWY 34.99

You heard it here first.

Awesome now only if NACHI had stock. Hint hint.

Chewy operates as an independent subsidiary of PetSmart, since May 2017-BASTARDS.

So, how many dogs have actually died, according to PetSmart’s official records? Although one of the company’s stated core values is transparency, it will not release the numbers

Why? Chewy is a fairly healthy operation with good service unlike many online retailers. Since it is a subsidiary of PetSmart it is a potential help in bailing them out of their $8B debt if they choose to sell it off.

What have you been hearing that would substantiate a short shell? Yes their IPO went quite a bit higher than asking but if they have strong financials and a clear path to at least survival with some success then I can’t see them tanking or dropping that far back down to make a short sell much less risk.