InterNACHI introduces new nation-wide federal legislation regarding home inspectors.

This will affect all home inspection schools in the U.S.

We are seeking to outlaw chairs at all inspection schools:

But we need the chairs. It’s hard to sleep while standing up through a class forced on us by our licensing agency! The class can get very boring you know? I think your proposed legislation is going to result in a lot of injury cases to Inspectors! ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

good morning,
I am new to the inspection world and i am currently in school at CATS. I was just curious if anyone has started their own business under a DBA only? I’ve been told thats all i need for a part time business and some others have told me to go LLC? I am a steel fabricator by trade and have never had to deal with anything besides knocking tin! lol If anyone has advise i am all ears and trying to learn. I am in buffalo NY by the way thanks.

Niles… Take a Business 101 course at your local Community College. (NOT specifically related to Home Inspections). Don’t take that as an insult, but as advice that will have you thanking me for years to come. You have no idea the numbers of “inspectors” that jump in with no business acumen what-so-ever! These are the guys/gals that typically fail. They could be the best inspectors that ever existed, but if they can’t properly and profitably run a business, they are sunk! Many HI “schools” may offer business “opinions” on how to run a business, but feedback an quality of questions on this MB sure show the truth of what most receive for their money.

(By the way… what/where is CATS? Got a link to a website)?

We are seeking to outlaw chairs at all inspection schools

Should be true for politicians as well it is hard to get ones head out of their *** if they are sitting in a chair.

Today, InterNACHI graciously donated all its PowerPoint software to the ASHI School. :wink:

They never do and that is why the prohibited cameras from panning the gallery at Congress and Senate. They’re never around! :roll:

no more napping in the sun .