Should I buy the InterNACHI Inspector book library, $150?


I just started my inspector training and not sure if it would be helpful to have a hard copy of the inspector library to study? I was going to print the courses, but it would be way to much to copy and edit on to word/pages/google doc and then print. Also are the hard copy books identical to the online courses or is it different information?



Personally I would just take the courses. The majority of information you need is there, and you can go back and review it over and over again. The hard copy books are not identical to the course material.
The hard copy books are an accessory but not a substitute for the online courses.

I have many of the nachi hard copy books that I won during different giveaways. IMO they’re OK, but lack what you really need for educational material.

Buy it. You won’t regret it.