Carson Dunlop book vs inachi books series

Hello, I would just like to know how these 2 compares?



No comparison.


thats easy…one has something with my name in it and the other does not…see…simple!

Paul I was going to say that one is backed up by 1000’s of Home Inspector Professionals along 100’s of other benefits and the other, well you do the math.

lol…yeah but I like my response better…lol

Apples to Oranges … Not comparing the same thing.

Both ok for what they do.

If you have absolutely no knowledge of housing construction, and how the simplest of things work, the CD is what you need, they go into overkill if you already are coming at this with knowledge. I have done both, and both suited me fine at the time I needed them, but now CD is done I have no more need of it, where as with Nachi I can keep on building with their online education.

Kathleen I had to teach “Carson Dunlop” and make corrections for the class, I would have loved to do **InterNachi **but at the time this teaching was not available. You have no ability to see the mistakes within the exam info and study books. I have gone through on both sides and I would pick InterNachi’s way of training hands down. To many things to discuss to support my findings.
BTW The CD’s from “Carson Dunlop” I used as a sleeping aid.

Kevin, did you teach in class, or online, because I haven’t had an online instructor yet that has actually had that much to do other than grade case studies and finals. Nobody really ever asks many questions.

No comparison, Inachi books are up to date and accurate to depict todays’ methods of construction. :):wink:

I taught it in the College under “Contact North” for 15 Students. 11 in the class room and 4 on line. It was a nightmare to fax everything and grade tests. Plus I had to restructure all the class info to fit the local codes and power point presentations, again a nightmare. I was not allowed to bring in any info from InterNachi without a consent from the coordinator. I did get to bring in the info about Safety from InterNachi course because there was none from “Carson Dunlop” available.

You know Kevin, it sounds like you did a lot of work for your students that was above and beyond, well done, you don’t often hear of teachers doing this.
(wished I’d had you as an instructor) Most of my instructors felt unapproachable.

Yes! I also provided them with a reference and consulting with me on any issue when needed. Only 2 students dropped out. One had to because his father died and the other one dropped the class because he did not think it was his cup of tea. They all thanked me for teaching them the basics and bringing in my on Home Inspection pictures to show what is found locally.

Im in need of a sleeping aid, should grab some of them CD CD’s, that is one monotonous voice… drone…


One other thing to think about is
What would you rather carry in your truck?
11 2 inch Binders
Or 10 well written up to date books about the size of a 3 inch binder.