Should Joe Paterno do jail time?

Should Joe Paterno do jail time?

Joe Paterno should do the honorable thing: Publicly apologize to the families of the children for harboring the child rapist, and then kill himself.

He should kill himself quickly, within 48 hours IMHO. That would be the only right thing to do.

Nick, tell us how you really feel ?..Don’t keep holding back…hahaha


The person who saw it happening and did not kill the bastard should be in jail.

Man, death is the easy way out. I would put him in a cell with 10 death row inmates who have 12 inch “members” and give him a little dose of reality…

I agree. I would have beat him so bad he would have wished he was dead.

Both he and the “Graduate Student” who did not bother to;

  1. Stop the rape.
  2. Remove and protect the child
  3. Call the Police.
  4. Notifiy the child’s parent’s
    The list is endless… There is no excuse!

Joe is not the one who committed the act though is he? It’s my understanding that he had knowledge of it but is not the one who violated these kids. While I agree there needs to be some consequence for failing to handle it properly I don’t see where he should go to jail and especially not death. The guy who saw the actual violation should receive a punishment. How could you walk in on something like that and do nothing other than tell.

As for the pervert himself I think he deserves general population in a prison followed by inmate justice.

Paterno helped hide a child rapist from justice so that he could continue to attack children for years. I wonder how many other children were attacked because Paterno didn’t notify the police. Hm, that sounds familiar. Who else has hid child rapists from authorities? Oh yeah, this woman’s shoe-wearing, child rapist-protecting creepy pope:

They should share a cell.


I think he should be forced to go to a play with Sandusky and J. Burkenson.

I don’t always agree with you Nick but you hit the nail on the head this time!!! Pedophiles and those who cover for them are equally guilty in my mind!!! nail his “thing” to a tree stump…set the stump on fire and hand him a knife.

Knife is to quick, better go for the rusty spoon;-)

BTW I’m hearing that the Texas AG is looking into the allegation that a young man was brought to Texas for a trip and molested in our state. Something about the Man Act and crossing state lines. Not only do we have the death penalty…we have an Express Lane!!

Don’t forget about the Boy Scout leaders and Native Teachers. They are just as guilty.

they should suffer

Anyone who had knowledge of the crime & failed to act, IMO is just as guilty as the perp committing the act & should suffer the same consequences.

I say make examples out of any one who had knowledge of these despicable acts & failed to do the right thing.

I believe, killers, rapers and those kind of criminals should receive death penalty automatically

others criminals should be forced to work, at least we wouldn’t have to pay for there 5 star hotel life!
most of the time they are getting better meal than a lot of honnest peoples who’s are working hard

The real question is for either Joe F.

If you see the abuse, do you go to your boss, or directly to the police?

If you call the police, you by-pass your boss, and get fired.

If you tell your boss, you both get fired.

If you tell no one, you have more of a chance of keeping your job.

I bet this stuff goes on more than you think in most corporations. Defining abuse is also a good question. The courts will have to decide and set the precidents.

Jails are over-crowded for several reasons, and criminals do multi-crimes for also several reasons; free room, free food, free medical, free clothing, all in prision. They have it better there than they do on the street.

A college is a school and schools at any level have people in them who are in direct contact with minors.

These establishments have rules that govern what employees are to do when they suspect or observe what they consider to be inappropriate sexual conduct. When it is possible to comply with the rules of the college and still not protect a child from such harm, the rules are as dangerous as the perverts.

On this very message board which also has rules governing the conduct of its participants, there are home inspectors who are allowed to publish photographs of nude and semi-nude children that are offensive to some, but not all, members. There are home inspectors who condemn that action … and there are home inspectors who condone it and argue that it is their right to do so since it is outside of the public domain. Just like the employee of a college, a member of this institution is limited to the rules of conduct that govern it.

The question that needs to be answered as to any potential violation of 'law" — which the title of this thread limits itself to — is to determine what that “law” is and whether reporting the crime to your boss is sufficient to comply with that law.

Just like the inspector who publishes photos of nude children, videos depicting animal cruelty, messages of racial and religious hatred and intolerance … who is in full compliance with the interpretation of the “law” of the message board by those who govern it … it is possible that the football coach in question is also in full compliance with the “law” governing his duty at his college, as well.

But as we can see in all of these cases … what is “legally” acceptable and what is “morally” acceptable is not always the same thing. While he may have complied with the “law” governing him … the coach and the inspector can still violate the moral standards that are expected of him as a professional.

In that regard … what was required of him by his employer? If he met the letter of the “law” … then one needs to be critical of the law (or message board rule), as well, for it also failed to protect the child who was exploited, IMO.

Perverted acts against children should never be acceptable or tolerated at any level by anyone … whether it complies with the “law” or not. And, in the college locker room or the message board, quiet acceptance by looking the other way is equally repugnant.