Should this be Armor Cable?

Should this be armor cable instead of NM for Hotwater tank?

Without looking for the exact code, generally it should be protected in some way by a covering. Most around here are not if they are older homes. I will write them up if they are located in an area where they could get damaged.


Well the connector being used at the best I can tell is not for NM Cable…but then again it could be on of those round plastic click connectors which at that point would be ok. But alas I can’t tell as it looks like an MC Connector. Ok, In looking at this ( maybe I am mellowing out since working in a highly political area like Alexandria,VA) we have to look at two things. 1.) Is it subject to any physical damage because if it is then even putting it in greenfield or FMC would not still qualify as being protected from physical damage and 2.) does the minimum safety standard (the NEC for all those knowing where I was going with that) allow for NM Cable to run away from the surface of the building…unsupported?

The answer is this …yes, it should be run with the surface of the building but in the scheme of life…it does not in my opinion appear to be an area of high cause of damage so to be honest with you…this would not flame high on my radar in terms of a home inspection…just my 1 cent…:wink: Using common sense approaches, if a 4 1/2’ whip is allowed for NM Cable from the last secure point to a luminaire or electrical equipment if accessible in a ceiling then this would be ok as well…but thats my common sense approach to the NEC these days.

Where is the disconnect?