Live hanging NM Cable

This was a nice little surprise I had in an inspection this weekend. Can anyone tell me what NEC code applies to live hanging electrical cable? I’m certain that at the very least it is supposed to be capped and secured every 4.5 feet. Does it have to terminate in a junction box and the power turned off?

I would must have it disconnected at the panel. I suspect it is roughed in for a future use.

Do you suppose it is connected to an operable branch circuit?

It could be for a dedicated circuit in the future or part of a currently used circuit. If for the future I would allow it if capped in a junction box.

Thats fire rated plenum cable (as I see it) for phone and the such…

If it is phone or network cables it should not be showing as a live cable. It looks like #14 NM, but I am on a tablet.

It was indeed #14 Awg NM wire

Looks like NM cable to me too.

Plus it looks like a crawlspace. :slight_smile:

I should have brought this up in my original post as well. I noticed inside the breaker panel that they had wired some of the white wires to the breakers. Is this because they had wired every receptacle on the second floor with the hot and neutral wires reversed? To me the whole second floor was a red flag since the home owner did the work.

The whites are on two pole breakers and are hots, not neutrals. These are part of 240 volt circuits. The whites should have been reidentified as hot conductors.

What about the white wires on the right that say Bed 2? I think this was what the homeowner added for the second floor.

I don’t see where it says bed two, but I strongly suspect that you are looking at an AFCI breaker. If so they are required to be wired that way. AFCI protection has been required for bedrooms for over ten years.

Again it appears that the training classes are not providing the industry with much needed information.

Looks like AFCI breaker:

That is an AFCI breaker.

Thanks gentlemen. This was a huge help.