Likely to be damaged?

What do you guys think?

Nothing to think about its wrong:D

Gotta agree with Charley on this one. Wire sould be in a conduit.

(Or behind a wall.)

Well if it goes behind that wall it will be outside

The requirement for NM cable protection is for when it’s subject to physical damage. Is it likely that the cable will at some point be damaged?

Thanks guys. That is what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.

That is what I was asking.

What’s next to it, on the countertop?

A sink strainer thingy…

This was on that log home you inspected wasn’t it? They should have created a chase and run it in conduit.We used to cut them in with a chainsaw and then add a trim piece to make it look pretty.

Of course it’s likely to be damaged and a lot more.

Only if a blind chef is working in the kitchen or Gallagher is bringing his smash-O-matic.

How sharp is the cut on that laminate ?
Is the counter secure from movement ?

Can you assume they will be installing tile and caulking…how will that effect it ?

Why is the outlet not GFCI ?

How do we know its not GFCI protected…i did not read where it was not. I will guess this is wiring at least 8 years old since we know that if it was recent wiring and in a kitchen (assumed) then the sheathing would be yellow for a 20a branch circuit…why i hate commenting on pictures…you never know all of the story which is why i will only comment on the damage aspect…i only seeing is being damaged by a blind chef.

It would get written up by me but then I hate NM and it is not allowed here anyway.
The receptacle in the picture is not GFCI though it of course could be downstream if properly labeled s such.

I love NM Cable. When installed properly it is as safe as any other wiring method. It’s cost effective and reliable.

Hope this helps…

Thanks. That’s certainly better than an ambiguos likely to to be damaged statement.

Illustrations are nice but can anyone think of a case where the wire is exposed to possible mechanical damage up higher than 5’-7’ which is awfully ambiguous ?