Should we be worried about these electrical issues?

Hello everyone

We had a breaker trip yesterday and when we went to flip it we noticed the dead front was not screwed on. We took it off to peak inside and noticed these things that don’t look right.

For starters different colored wires going into the same breaker. Also what looks like really old wiring.

Our inspector didnt mention any of this.

Is this ok? If not what should an electrician do? I came to this forum a long time ago and got some good answer on our first home so I hope you all can help me again.



Those multicolored wires terminate at breakers that are each 2 circuits.

I am not seeing frayed wires but rather the paper filler that is part of the multi-wire cables.

As to your breaker being tripped it would be important to identify what stopped working as a result of the trip.

The tripped breaker may indicate that it is doing its job by opening an overloaded circuit.

Try to determine what was operating at the time of the trip.

Kelly if you are concerned enough to post this in two places of the home Inspectors forum,then you need to get it checked immediatly by an electrician .

Looks like you got answers good info