Show me yours and I will show you mine

Doing a third version total remake of my business card and was wondering what everyone else’s card looks like.
I know most do not have pictures or files to share off hand but I posted this in open forum so at least you may get some looks for your effort.
I will post mine a little later if there are any takers that are proud of their design.

Mine is not quite ready but will be soon.Looking for ideas in case I change my mind.
Doing the logo embossed that you see below in my signature on black stock if I can get a white back…

Hi Bob,

I had to PDF mine so that it could be attached due to its size…

It’s simple and clean.


Here ya go. :wink:

PDF is cool as not many have pictures of there card I am sure.
Like the red white and Blue theme.
I read an article on the three color scheme being the best with the third color using around 5% .

Here Bob,. I do have my picture on it - tried to get Brad Pitt, but he was busy. All logo designations are printed on the back.

Gregbusinesscard.pdf (125 KB)

Mine is plain and simple… Logo designer provided it to me in numerous formats.


Interesting as I would not think to like the cartoon red font at top yet somehow with the picture it works.

Guess it takes initial fear of that prison picture away .:slight_smile:

How do the logos work out as far as size goes on the card stock?

Good logo design for the placement.
Whats with all the reds on every card so far?

Not sure if it is true but is not red for anger,white for purity ,blue for calm,black for professional.
Maybe I got it wrong.

So is that your real picture or only how we here see you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine I’ve been using since Feb. 2007. It has served me well for 4 years. I will be making minor changes/updates the next batch I order.

CEPI Biz Card.jpg

Nice neat and clean look Jeff unlike you.:slight_smile:
Seriously though it is one on the top logos which is great for a card since the idea is to catch the eye.(lol)

I see you got stuck with the .net one though.
How is the .net doing for you SEO wise ?

Also to anyone reading or rather posting let us know if the card is done with a special texture since we can not see it here.
The embossing or raised print has gotten me a few nice comments on my old designs.

Thanks, Bob.

Yep, they notice the texture.
Believe it or not I am a mixed media artist and may have built warehouse full objects in my head but the one thing I always forgot to add in my imagination is texture.
Texture is another sensory way to effect sales.

I am thinking of going with this design.
Any opinions?

Should the QR code go to my site or phone number?

Not sure if I like the black background. How about Navy Blue, or at least two shades darker than the blue in your logo? (see mine).
The QR code gets washed out in the black background,
The QR code should direct to your website… that was/is the original intent of QR codes, so a person can gather more information about the business.

Bob, The QR is good, I am doing the same thing now, drop your Lic# or move it to the back , Licensed certified and professional, could also be moved to the back font space could have additional info for people that do not have the app for the QR, Looks good.

Thanks Jeff
Trying to set up a places tag like you right now but they are making me drop multiple accounts the bstrds.
I read you need Lic number on all advertising so I added the number.
was told the guy who is number one with a post box will get black balled soon on places.


Bob, I could not help but laugh when I read the title of this thread.
Reminded me of a story I heard a long long time ago. :mrgreen::wink:

I think the blue background really makes everything ‘POP’! Whatever you go with, make sure the color gets corrected behind/within your name.

Marcel… ‘heard’ or ‘participated’ in? :shock::mrgreen: