Do you have your picture on your business cards?

Trying to decide, would love some input.

Post your picture we will tell you. Also do you want to appear as a one man show or a larger company who people relates to your logo?

Cold Billy

Maybe you could use your high school photo like some of the 60 year old female agents do… :roll:

Lol… Use a pic of someone else and watch he looks when you hand them out… Good way to have some interesting conversations!!!
I agree with Billy… Branding your logo and color scheme is most important. You can post your selfie on your "about me " on the web.

My card has a picture of me laying naked on a bear skin.
I get lots of propositions from 60 year old agents.:wink:

Is this …"Hot or NOt "?

Always better to use the Sole Proprietor advantage of one on one council where ever you can as most clients hate dealing with big companies and prefer human interaction .

Photos are great to let the client know who you are and reach a comfort level.

If you have underlings they will not be pleased to see a picture of you and they get on site to see Bubba Joe so stick with a corporate logo.

In Bobs case. hell no!:mrgreen:

Working on it Kevin.
First tell me how I can shave my front hairline to match yours.:twisted:
That backwoods serial killer look is in baby…oh ya.

On the real side I ran out of cards and need to reorder.
Any thoughts?

The design is old as the QR code may be out of date and may spend time on a redesign today.
Still like the embossed front though.

Bob that is why I wear the cap that says Certified Master Inspector. But you know that is just a marketing trick. LOL
Honestly Bob I think a great majority of Home Inspectors should not put there face on a business card unless you look like Mike Holmes I guess.:wink:

Careful when adding a photo, it can bring new business in or discourage others. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :wink:

Hmmm… :-k

Kevin Wood.jpg

Kevin Wood.jpg

Robert Young.jpg

Grossed Out Batman.jpg



You forgot yours JJ you handsome devil.LOL

Looking for serious ideas here as I actually am down to like a couple dozen cards.
Thinking about ditching the QR and the discount ad.

Should I put Mike Holmes on it ?

Bob, I kinda like your cards as shown, but you need to update the discount side if you continue to use it…

I always improve on my new card designs; I keep it simply and to the point.

Plus might totally ditch the back side with picture and discount.
May replace QR with my mug ?

Not much choice I suppose as they are small.

Here’s my card. And yes the pic is 11 years old but I look about the same as I did then. :smiley:

QR code is on the back side.