Business Card Review


Here is my business card my team designed for me. What you think? See attached.

Very nice. I really like the orange color. It stands out nicely.

Create a deal for my Contractors Association and I’ll put you on our site.

Thanks Steven. I really appreciate the comments. After much discussion I do believe my coders/designers clearly understand my vision now and we look forward to changing the image for many around the country.

Here is a website we are doing right now for a home inspector:

Still working out the logo, may change color up a bit and add to it so follow the link to watch progress.

Nick you know it’s always one team one fight for you and I. I look forward to promoting both of us on the 2014 tour. I’m a bit lost at what you mean by put a deal together for the contractor association. Can you elaborate a bit please?

You are a vendor. He wants a deal for the membership.


Come on now Billy,how long you been here …lol

Remember Bob… he crossed over to the “Dark Side” now! :wink:

But the dark side includes referring everything you do as being done by a team which sounds kinda cool and impresses me.

Those dark side guys work as a team…man.:stuck_out_tongue:

Come on now admit it ,your a little jealous of that marketing guru aspect even if you think it is 101.
Perception is everything .

Plus did I not see you offer Billy help with his seminar the other day…weakening …weakening…weakening.

Actually, I was the first to post my interest when he first announced he was dropping his fee based help and told him I would try to attend.

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Well dumbass, not that I have need to explain crapola to you, but money was never the issue. The fact that he was attempting to make a profit off of the information that was provided to him for free from other Members is unethical and just plain in bad taste IMO. I suspect many others felt the same, thus his change of heart. So, bite me!

Kenton did that with his narrative library so why was Billy in the wrong for taking members’ contributions and making money off of it? Am I missing something?

Good job billy! Nice card, the colors set it apart and present a very clean and professional look.
Good luck to you in this endeavor !!! Your persistence and creativity is to be applauded .

Anytime two members engage in trade, both win. Kenton values your $99 way more than an additional copy of his so he wins when you buy the library. You value his 10-years of work and 8,000 inspection narratives way more than your $99 so you win when you buy the library.


Anyway, if you have a product or service to offer fellow members, please do. If you want Inspector Outlet to sell it, I’m sure they will. If you want me to help you develop it, I’m here to help.

You missed the point I was making about Billy.

No, he didn’t.

And my reply to you is, I am entitled to my opinion, which Nick has reflected upon quite nicely.