Show off your rankings

This is a cool way to show off your rankings. :mrgreen:

What is it. I took a quick glance and don’t know. Please tell us more about it.

new construction warranty management services

Odd indeed… ;):smiley:

It’s Kevins way of patting himself on the back (and rubbing our noses in it):roll::roll::roll:

Once your website ranks high on Google (apparently Jeff’s doesn’t), you can create a video here showing them off. Just something cool YouTube offers.

Sounds like someone needs to work on SEO.

This is a cool way to show off your rankings. :mrgreen:


I like the way we show off our ranking - 8 out of 10 isn’t bad

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Nice Doug!

Hey Kevin,

My rankings are just fine. As is my SEO. It get’s the job done just fine. I am happy with the results, and that is all that matters.

BTW… are you still breaking Washington State law, or did you finally get your Washington State Home Inspectors license ??? I see your Home Inspection website is still “Live”, and not showing a Washington State Home Inspectors License number, as is required by LAW!!!

Guess all of your squawking on the other threads was BS, as I said all along.

Have a pleasant day! :slight_smile:

Dang, and I was just getting warmed up to see a sequel on the phone ringing on You Tube that coincides with the rankings. :mrgreen::slight_smile:

You are a misinformed clown.