Shower Diverter

Master bath has seperate shower stall and a garden tub. Garden tub has a pull-up diverter on faucet but no shower head. Seems like this would cause a build up of water pressure (if pulled up) with no place to go. I plan to write this up but does anyone see this as a “non-issue”? Thanks!

Non-issue. It’s another form of a shutoff valve. It probably wouldn’t hold forever like a typical shutoff, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Tell the buyers what it is, why it’s there, and to ignore it. Not any big deal.

Robert why did you think this would cause a problem.?
The worst that could happen would be if they pulled it closed with the water on and it began to drip in a stopped tub.

I guess my concern is the pressure on the faucet fitting, which is in the wall, may cause a leak. The more I think about it though (some water usually flows out the faucet anyway when the diverter is pulled) it may not be a big deal and I can report it as a FYI. Thanks.

So to avert this pressure condition in your own system Bob, do you always leave a faucet open? :wink:

Oh, you’re killing me Brian:) It was late, way past my bed time… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it :wink:

Only a problem if the plumber forgot to install a plug in the top of the faucet body.:smiley: