Shower drain new construction

The majority of my work is new construction inspections. I came across a shower drain that was ran 9.5’ before encountering the vent. I asked the plumber to install a vent. This is what he came up with. I can honestly say in my 35 years as a plumber I’ve never seen this before.



It’s vented upstream of the trap;)

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Right. That’s a new one🙃

common sense is no longer common…

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Are you sure it was a plumber that you asked to repair it? Lol


I think the carpenter made the repair. Sorry Scott (sbridges2):wink:


Kinda like when a plumber drills a hole through the siding to install a sillcock and destroys the siding, Sorry, Martin Willes. :grinning:


Welcome back to our forum, Pierre!.. Enjoy! :smile:

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Don’t see a coupling, how did he get the santee on there? drill the old fitting out?

Simon it’s just a sanitary tee glued on top of a P-trap. There’s no way the plumber would have the clearance to set a shower on this configuration. The pad is about 5” below slab finished floor.

Was there just a straight pipe going up from the ptrap before the santee was added?

well Martin, maybe you weren’t specific enough. OR maybe to specific. How much PVC cement did the guy huff before you got there? :crazy_face: :laughing:


Yes here’s a photo from the first inspection. The p-trap was 9’-5” from a lavatory wet vent.

Thanks, Larry :grin: :grin: