Shower lighting question

First dong style fixture for me. While in the process of looking, is lighting spposed to be recessed or just covered acceptable.
Looks unpractical to me.

Even with that dark picture and distracting missing tile the base does not look caulked .

No idea if that thing is wet rated however.

Home was built in the 50’s or 60’s so hard to tell.

Surface mounted fixtures are allowed in the shower zone. The fixture would still need to be damp or wet rated.

You cannot have pendant, track, chain hung or ceiling paddle fans in the shower zone.

Thanks Jim.

Damp rated fixtures are only permitted in the shower space when not subject to shower spray.

You can tell them by looking at the base because you will see a sponge or rubber seal between the tile and the base of the light fixture but that is on new ones. Old ones do not have this.
That type is not allowed as is explained by Jim.

Kevin, please don’t mislead readers

compliant fixture requires a UL, ETL or CSA approval and marked as such

seeing a gasket alone does not make a fixture damp-wet compliant
many that are compliant the gasket can’t be seen without dismantling

often remuddlers don’t know what they’re installing or intentionally try and fool the unsuspecting

please explain what you see of the subject fixture that is non-compliant and not allowed in a home of this age

I would mention it to be checked, while tile is being repaired over 50 years it most likely needs to be replaced . Like everything things wear out or parts get missing or damaged

Barry this is true but the only other way is pull the whole can down. You are right that just because it is sealed does not mean it is damp proof. No one can provide that by just looking.
We provide the most best solution we can given the tools we work with.