Shower stall light/fan on garage GFCI

Question for the electricians.

I inspected a home where the upstairs bathroom had a fully enclosed shower stall (door had no gap along the top when closed). The stall had a light/fan combo that was on the garage GFCI. I called it as incorrect stating there should be no other outlets on the bath circuit. However, the electrician on site stated that since the shower stall was “fully enclosed”, it was considered a separate “wet” location and had to be GFCI protected. He was not specific with any code reference but said it had something to do with the shower stall being considered as a steam room. Any thoughts??:neutral:

Perhaps the NEC would shed more light on the subject Louis.

From the 03 IRC E3903.8 the fixture should be labeled SUITABLE FOR WET LOCATION.

Now if you go to E4103 section (Spas & Hot tubs) you could interpet the code to install a GFCI protection.

Ok…I have to run to a job but I will say…FYI…the light is not part of the bathroom RECEPTACLE circuit and its associated applications or expections which we could list by the NEC…the light is different…

Ok…so I will say BOTH are a bit incorrect here…now I have to run…

FYI…yep…“the fixture should be labeled SUITABLE FOR WET LOCATION.”

You were incorrect as to the reference. The only restrictions as to bath circuits is for receptacles as Paul said.

The electrician is full of it IMO. There is no such thing as a “separate wet location” in a bathroom just because of the type of shower doors.
Tell him he does get points for creativity though.
There is NO GFI requirement for “wet locations”. This is a myth long perpetuated. There is NO requirement for enclosed recessed shower lights to be GFI protected either.
The fan however probably does state in the instructions that if it is within a shower or bath location it must be GFI protected. But the NEC does not tell us it must be GFI’d. The NEC tells us we MUST follow mfg instructions and install GFI protection.

Yes, it most likely does require GFI protection.
Yes, it can be on another circuit such as the garage.
No, it is NOT a “separate wet location”.