Shower stall vent

I don’t think so, but would a bathroom vent be allowed to be installed in a shower stall under any circumstances?

What do you mean? Is the vent terminated under the stall or just passing under it?

Since there is no electricity connected to the ceiling register itself, there is no safety risk in mounting it in a shower stall.

It is a bathroom exhaust vent with a fan motor.


It’s OK.

Thanks for the help, I just figured there could be potential for electric shock with the fan actually in the stall.

Are we sure? I don’t think fans are rated for wet location installation. Covers are not sealed like wet light fixtures.

If thee say fans ok what about this heater?

I wrote it up as a potential for electric shock and recommended it be moved outside the stall. I agree with Barry, the covers are not sealed. There was also a light in the stall that was a proper sealed fixture for a shower.

Ok, I’ve done a little more research on exhaust fan installations over shower enclosures, as I’ve never red-flagged this installation in the past.

I should have stated that the fan must be UL rated for wet locations in order for it to be safely installed over shower enclosures. Most exhaust fan manufacturers do rate their fans to be installed over wet locations.

I’ll be revising my reporting methods for this particular install to read, “I recommend further evaluation of shower fan to determine if this exhaust fan is rated for wet locations”.

Here are additional links to this particular install…

All you have to do is verify by label or stamp in the housing just like IC can lighting and make sure they cease operation when GFCI is tripped. No need for further evaluation unless this simple inspector evaluation fails. If so remove and replace.

BTW as usual the informational links from you are great!
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Yeah… I know, but I don’t get into checking light and fan labels. Takes too much time. I find it easier to add the disclaimer to my 64-page manual.

The above link has changed to the website:

Somehow I never thought about reaching up and grabbing the fan motor while taking a shower…:wink: :smiley:

Talk about kick starting your morning …:slight_smile: