Shunt trip

Can someone fill me in on a shunt trip? Does it compensate for the lug tap?

DSCF7163 (Small).JPG

DSCF7162 (Small).JPG

A shunt trip mechanism is used to remotely open a circuit breaker. In this case the two smaller brown and orange conductors are double tapped unless the CB had lugs that accommodate more than one conductor.

Thanks for confirming the double tap.

What is the shunt trip shutting down and what is the box on the right doing that is double tapped to the shunt trip. Appears some control wires go back to the shunt breaker.

It looks like the two smaller conductors are tapped to provide 480 volts to the control transformer in the box on the right. From there the control voltage is probably 240 volts which is needed to operate the shunt trip mechanism in the CB. Those two red conductors on the right go to some remote switching device which when closed provides 240 volts to the shunt trip coil and open the CB.

I see a few issues, since the voltage exceeds 250 volts to ground there should be bonding bushings on the raceways entering the top of the CB enclosure where there are concentric/eccentric/tangential knock outs.