Shutdown will stall home loans for thousands

Vacation time extended, thank your Republican Congressman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shutdown will stall home loans for thousands

Awesome point! Our federal government, while arguing over yet another new huge government program, shuts down the Federal Housing Administration and other huge government programs. Why is our government still backing private housing loans anyway? They have no business doing any of this stuff. Buying up mortgages? Operating P.O.W. torture camps? Running public school monopolies? Reading our emails? Setting up military bases in other people’s homelands? Worrying about who gets to marry whom based on their junk? Passing laws that ban the guns we may one day need to thwart their tyranny? Giving our money by the billions to private companies? All of that stuff does harm. I’m O.K. with shutting it down permanently. They need to stick to space exploration and maybe building a few dams and bridges.

Nick tell us how you really feel ha ha ha


Come on Joe, do you really buy that? Republicans are attempting to fund many federal agencies, while the Dems continue to say no.

The ruling class’s biggest fear is that the longer the government stays shut down, the greater the potential that the dumb (m) asses will realize that we can function without them.

Which ones Jeff? You can’t be talking about the GOP’s lame a s s e d attempts to grandstand, passing bills to fund DC, Parks & Medical research only?

Or was it the bill to pay all those hated Government workers who for the majority of them, are off work?

Shutdown Will Cost U.S. Economy $300 Million a Day, IHS Says

The Republicans in Congress are just trying to wave away the stink of THEIR shutdown by making these grandiose gestures of funding certain departments. No different than trying to have a line item veto, something that neither house of Congress, or the President have at their disposal.

The healthcare law is here to stay. The 42 or is it 43 attempts to shut it down are nothing more than a waste of time and in this instance, a detriment to THE COUNTRY. Time to move on to the business of THE COUNTRY and not political ideologies. Those can be handled during elections.

A little persepctive please. :roll:

The government spends over $10,000,000,000 per day.

'Tis but a flesh wound.

Just wait until Oct. 17th rolls around, and the Fed starts defaulting on loans. I am glad it is happening now, and not later. Obama will be blamed for it all, as it is all happening while he is President.

He is clueless on how to fix it, and it is his “me, me” attitude that is hurting himself.

As Regan said, Government is the problem.

The Dems are the ones that will not negotiate in good faith.

They are doing all they can to turn our Country into a Socialist Country.

insurance is breaking me personally and I STILL do not want that Obama Crap to become a reality.

They cannot even get their website to work let alone take care of millions of patients…

Why would they default on loans?

That’s a giant red herring.

Debt service is less than $30 Billion per month.

The Fed gov. takes in over $250 Billion per month.

You are being lied to.

Default could only happen if they choose it.

Have you tried signing up for “Obama Care”?

Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, likens the House Republican offensive against the Affordable Care Act to a rescue effort with no hope of success.

“It was sort of like you see somebody drowning and you can’t swim, but you jump in the water anyway. You’re not going to save them,” Blunt said.

A faction of “Tea Party Republicans” has ignored counsel from GOP veterans such as Blunt about the government shutdown, illustrating divisions reshaping the party and perhaps threatening GOP hopes to regain the U.S. Senate next year.

More blame is landing on** Republicans** than on President Barack Obama, 44 percent to 35 percent.

Who cares about balless Republican Senators Chris?

Gary, enough of the FOX News talking points already. Again, You’re mis-informed.

Boehner tells Republicans he won’t let the nation default

Of course, he said the same thing about shutting down the Government too, so we’ll have to wait & see if he lies again or not.

Prove my facts wrong kevy or STFU

They came straight from .gov documents.

Obama keeps lying about it too.

lol :d

We’ve repealed bad laws before, and this is a bad law. The country can’t afford to implement the AHCA and the sooner it’s repealed the better.

Although there are probably a hundred better ways to go about it, I support whatever action is necessary to defund or even delay its implementation.

In a related note, I received my increase-in-premium notice in the mail yesterday. Although it wasn’t as bad as I expected (I prepared for the worst) my insurance rate increased by 22%.

Kevin, do the math.

You have bought into the democrat talking points a.k.a. lies

I’m glad you are able to obtain health insurance. When my employer healthcare (and Cobra) lapsed after a layoff, I was unable to obtain private health insurance. My own history as well as family history sent them scurrying back under the rocks. I don’t mind paying for it, I couldn’t get it. Until now. Until you have been in that position, you will never understand the stress and pressure it puts on someone.

Healthcare insurance should go back to the days of being non-profit entities.