sidewall flashing

How would you report on this sidewall flashing installation?

Looking for report verbiage and an illustration if you have it.

I want to compare my verbiage and reporting with others.

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Use a narrative and illustration of proper step flashing and you should be good to go.

how this illustration?

I was looking on the Nachi library but did not see a good one.

sidewall flashing.jpg


Haven’t got enough coffee in me yet to handle this, this morning.:frowning:

“The roof looks newish.
The flashing was done wrong. So wrong it raises many flags about the rest of the installation, including nail placement.
The caulk on top of the flashing indicates it has leaked since the new roof was installed.
The roof should now be inspected by a qualified roofer and re-evaluated for repairs, or replacement.”

Are the vents done correctly? 50/50% exposed/hidden?
Any valleys? Tips clipped off?
I bet if you looked around, you’d see slight bulges of high nails that point out where leaks will occur in the next 12 months or less.

How is the eave done? Started cut from 3-tabs so sealer is on the bottom edge to prevent blow-offs? Or just 3-tab over 3-tabs?


I am a green tea guy and will start drinking them soon.

Roof was a tear off, only one shingle had nail penetration through the shingle, valley was closed and only a small portion has a valley, no chimney. Eaves looked good with edge flashing.

Just seemed like the side wall flashing was done wrong and the sealant at the sidewall looked like a past leak, could not access lower attic and may be going back tomorrow.

The roof decking had stains at all the nail penetrations as some dolt painted all the soffit openings when the painted the metal siding.:shock: