Your comments would be great

I recently completed an inspection and the owner (also a Realtor) is pushing back on my observations. I’d love to hear what other inspectors would say based upon these photos, Granted it’s tough not seeing the entire home but hopefully the background info helps a little.

Pic 1 (4165)- Back door to the home, which is 30+ yrs old, with alum outside door, threshold exposed to elements with no paint or sealer, back side of house little sunshine at all, exits onto a concrete patio

Pic 2 (4166)- Also on back side of house , Masonite siding , punky and soft to the touch, paint flaked off and very damp.

Pic 3 (4163) - Bottom panel of wood overhead garage door panel, paint very thin and some blistering, looked to have moisture damage starting, this was the inside view, door were 30+ years old





What were your observations & comments that he is pushing back on? If you said this was a POS home and for the client to run away then I’d be pushing back also. If you simply pointed those items out as a defect then what is he disagreeing with?

Some of my worst inspections were Realtor/owner/flippers!

Well okay, here are my comments / observations, I didn’t want to post them for fear of biasing the feedback, but I know you guys will be honest with me :slight_smile:

Pic 1 - The threshold on the back door of the house does show signs of weathering and water damage. The door appears to be in good condition and it may be a simple matter of having the door sill repaired or replaced to avoid water damage and heat loss.

Pic 2- There is one location on the back of the house where the Masonite siding shows sign of moisture deterioration. . This should be addressed at some point in time before additional damage is incurred

Pic 3- The overhead doors in the garage appear to have some early signs of moisture damage and decomposition of the wood panels. This is not uncommon for these types of doors. At some point (3-5 years) the doors may need to be repaired / replaced.

I thought the observation were very factual and neutral in nature. It’s probably because the owner is a Realtor.

Another old home that’s seen some deferred maintenance. Pretty common stuff but not major issues. At least those in your photos.
Like Mike said, it would depend on how you worded it.

Those comments appear pretty benign to me…not alarmist at all and seem accurate. Tell the Seller to f$%k off.

Nothing “alarmist” in those statements.

That sounds fine… overly picky agent.

Ask him to document exactly what he feels is inaccurate about your observations and include HIS license number.

The issues were evident to any observer, hence your ability to provide photographs of them. You comments did not go overboard by any means.

You know, you can’t hang on to this sort of thing too tightly. You did fine, Richard. I’d just let it go unless you’re pressed by this person. Don’t waste your energy worrying about it.