Sill Plate overhang


Attached is the picture of an actual dilemma going on.
The foundation is 8" thick with 2" of Styrofoam each side.
An exterior 2x6 bearing wall with only 2.25" of actual bearing load on the foundation wall.
It ‘cantilevers’ on the interior side of the wall as you see it in the plan.
I know the rebar does not sit directly underneath the 2x6 wall.
It is 2.25" of concrete only supporting the wall.

My question is: “where is it stated the full bearing capacity of mud sills must sit fully on top of the concrete foundation wall?”

I looked and looked. Simply cannot find such a thing in any code book.
Need input, advice, answers. Your assistance is very appreciated, thank you.

Try this reference

Thanks Randy.

I have never meet any structural engineer in Missouri that is smarter than Randy. I refer him a lot.